Run „RUN AND HELP“ was a success, we enjoyed it very much, thanks to all, you attended! She chose a beautiful figure 4800 CZK, which has already been placed on the transparent account Barriers Account and will be used to purchase sports prostheses for 4 children. More on

Thanks to all the sponsors for their gifts and f. Albi for contribution 5000 CZK.
We hope, Next year you will run again with us!








2.6. 2018

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Ladův place – Final approval of account and medium-term budget outlook

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General Meeting mayors and municipal mayors beam region Ladův

Medium-term budget 2019 – 2023

Medium-term budget 2019 – 2023 survey

Medium-term budget 2019 – 2023 – comment

FINAL ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR association of municipalities 2017

Report on the outcome of the examination of the DSO Lada region

Implementation of the budget for 31.12.2017

31.5. 2018

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Public notice - notice of initiation of the release Update No.. 4 Development principles hl.m. Prague

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Public notice - notice of initiation of the release Update No.. 4 Development principles hl.m. Prague

23.5. 2018

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Financial Reports for the year Nupaky. 2017

Více informací naleznete v dokumentech

Draft final account 2017 – Nupaky

Annex no. 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

Annex 4

Report on the outcome of the examination of the Nupaky for r. 2017

The Protocol on the clearance of accounts Nupaky

The Protocol on the clearance of accounts kindergarten

18.5. 2018

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Bulk containers for mixed waste

I'm very sorry for the late information, I arranged with the company FCC to delay the removal of the containers about St 16.5.2018, so you should have plenty of time to taken any unnecessary bulk to collect these containers.

Thank you for your understanding and once you apologize!

Eva Chmelíčková

Od pátku 11.05. to about Wednesday 16.05. 2018 bude přistaveno 5 large containers for mixed waste (stanoviště – viz přiložená mapka). We ask citizens, that all unnecessary waste vhazovali directly into containers and do not leave it lying outside the designated containers. Must not be disposed of as hazardous waste batteries, varnishes, fridge, tires …, or rubble!!!

OÚ Nupaky


13.5. 2018

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RUN and HELP 27.5.2018

Dear fellow Citizens,

like last year, we would like to organize a charity run, we want to help the four children to collect funds for sports prosthesis lower limb. The event will be attended Adélka, for which last year chose such a large amount, that was left on a trolley and kolokočárek, so my mother decided to help other children. The event will once again house the Foundation „RUN and HELP“, u which is kept transparent account, to which will put all the money.

Luke (11), Michalka (9), Simonka (8) a Vašík (6) roughly every need 250 thousands prosthesis, not covered by insurance.

The route will be short, Participants can run it, bike ride, odstrkovadle, with a pram etc..

run and help 2018 I

11.5. 2018

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Nupacké bodlo 19.5.2018

screenshot 2018-05-11 in 6.33.49

11.5. 2018

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Children's Day 2.6.2018

screenshot 2018-05-10 in 21.08.06

11.5. 2018

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Restaurant Day 12.5.2018


11.5. 2018

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4.5. 2018

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