Municipal Authority Nupaky

Address: Nupacká 106
251 01 Nupaky
Phone: 272 680 559
272 680 560
Fax: 272 680 560
ID data box: y36akxg
E-mail: ounupaky@iol.cz
E-podatelna: ounupaky@iol.cz
ICAL / DIČ 00640816 / CZ00640816
Bank Account 25227-201 / 0100


Office hours OÚ Nupaky

Monday: 8:00 – 12:00
Wednesday: 8:00 – 12:00 13:00 – 17:00


Office staff

Mayor of: The. Vaclav Rezac
Referentka OÚ: Eva Chmelíčková

Agenda Municipal Office Nupaky

  • Rented residential and non-residential premises
  • Receives the rents of residential and non-residential premises owned by the municipality
  • Adopt proposals for a local referendum
  • Receives notification of the Assembly
  • Accepts permanent residence and report changes of permanent residence
  • Accepts applications to install CCTV
  • Receives requests for felling of trees outside forests
  • Receives requests for investment subsidies in sport
  • Accepts applications for authorization to operate gaming machines
  • Určuje census, tentative, registration number of buildings in the village
  • Collect fees for spa or leisure stay
  • Collect fees for the operation of collection system, collection, transport, classification, use and disposal of municipal waste
  • Collect fees for use of public spaces
  • Collect fees for dogs
  • Published by paying assessments for unpaid local taxes
  • Issues regulations on local charges according to law 565/1990 Sb.
  • Issues regulations on waste management
  • It issues a decree on the rules of the dogs and other animals in public places
  • It issues a decree establishing the coefficient for calculating the tax on immovable property
  • Issues regulations on cleanliness and order in the community
  • Published schedules for local public burial ground, which is the operator
  • Notice signal general warning