Accessibility Statement

Municipal Website Nupaky been created with respect for the rules of accessibility and barrier-free access to, to meet the principles according to applicable laws, especially the Ministry of Interior è.64/2008 Sb. the form of disclosure of information relating to public administration through a website for people with disabilities (Decree Accessibility).

Disclosure information is published using HTML4 markup, appearance is formatted using CSS, for a better user experience use some JavaScript elements and open-source jQuery library.

Font sizes are specified in relative units and can be according to the needs of larger user settings. Content is available in most web browsers available. For older versions of browsers may display variations in the content provided, but the content the user is fully accessible.


Links, leading to pages outside the site are color-coded and underlined. They can be opened in a new browser window.
The website can appear references to documents, which are usually in PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT and are accompanied by information about their format. Documents can be opened in a new browser window, possibly intended for download.

If you find any errors, deficiencies, or obstacles when working with the web, Please contact the webmaster and we'll try to remove.

Thank you.

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