Released smog situation: Wednesday, 08.08.2018

ZCZC 919
WOCZ51 RPSC 081454

ANNOUNCEMENT ** ** smog situation
because of high tropospheric ozone concentrations
Released: Wednesday, 08.08.2018 in 16:54 CEST (08.08.2018 in 14:54 UTC)
for area: Středočeský kraj

For the territory of the title we announce smog situation due to high
tropospheric ozone.
Smog situation occurred with the release of this bulletin.

At least one station representative for this area exceeded hour
diameter tropospheric ozone
informative threshold 180 micrograms / m3. The current concentration on
Smog stations
warning and control system are listed here:

The decline in tropospheric ozone concentration below the indicative threshold
180 micrograms / m3
not expected today.

Information for the public:
While staying in the open air in the afternoon, we recommend that you abstain
increased physical load,
associated with increased respiratory rate. The recommendation applies especially to people with
chronic respiratory
difficulties, the elderly and young children.

For detailed current information on air quality is available at
Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Air tab.
Every hour of the 1-hour average concentration replenished automatically
pollutants, and the value of meteorological elements. are updated
several hours, the average concentration of pollutants, calculated from the 1 hour
Weather dispersion conditions is part of the weather forecast for the Czech Republic and
individual regions,
viz, Weather tab.

Published: CHMI Regional Forecasting Office – / Gvozdik