Dear residents (and above all voters) Nupak,

the following weekend, particularly on Friday and Saturday 5. a 6. October 2018, In our village will hold elections to municipal councils and to the Senate.

I start to Senate, because it's easier and less personal choice. The Senate is one of the chambers of the bicameral Parliament of the Czech Republic (the second chamber is the Chamber of Deputies). Term candidates 6 let, but elections are held every 2 years, which is refreshed each time 1/3 Senate. This year was the turn of our constituency. Selects a direct line, So vote for one candidate by, that was dropped into the ballot box envelope one ballot paper with the name of the candidate, which the voter selects. The system is a majority, Thus, the candidate is elected, who in the first round to win the majority of votes, or (if a majority no candidate has obtained) will be held the second round of elections, in which progress 2 best candidates, of which one wins, who gets more votes.

Elections to the municipal council are complicated in that, and that) the chosen people, who live in the village together with other people and events in the community directly affect. It is the management of "their" stuff, or – If the government. It has such an advantage, that some voters know the candidates personally, and also here, that their work is then seen; b) voting is complicated in that, if it stands more parties (or a grouping of independent candidates), voter can divide their votes among those parties. Each voter has as many votes, how many elected representatives. In the case of this year's election in Nupaky it 9 representative jobs, So when 9 votes from every voter. The exact rules and options, how to vote, We will be published in a few days, so that each voter could recall before elections.

In the year Nupaky 2 Full list of candidates, therefore 2 x 9 candidates.

Number 1 They drew the "Nupaky yourself" - Information about them can be found on the web www.nupakysobe.cz

Number 2 They have "Nupaky - reason and emotion" with the website www.nupaky.eu

Both of these groups are campaigning at its discretion (and hopefully) even under the best of my knowledge and belief. The campaign is the presentation of candidates not party (group) as a whole, but also the candidates themselves as personalities. The candidates do not campaign just by, It spreads their party election program, but also by, how campaigns are performing and what methods are used by the.

As the current mayor ended this I would like to invite both parties (group), Campaign to act as the cleanest way, try to get the votes of voters, it notifies the, What are the strengths of their candidates , what they do for the community for another term, and to be freed from comments and observations on the other hand,. Nupaky need for another term council hardworking, which will invest your time and energy and community development.

I wish both sides good luck in the elections, and voters, to be satisfied with the choice, he made. On Friday and Saturday at sight!!

FRIDAY 14:00 – 22:00
SATURDAY 08:00 – 14:00

At the municipal office, Nupacká 106

your Mayor, Vaclav Rezac